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About Ginger Fox Photography

Lindsay: Owner, Creator, and Head Photographer
My Approach to Photography

Starting out in my 20's as a photographic artist, I compose and create images more as art than mere documentation. For me, it's not enough to merely capture people, places, and events, I must do it in the most gorgeous and creative way possible. It's the only way I shoot.

While photographing, I'm driven by creativity - mine and that of the people I'm shooting. Collaboration and the mixing and melding of ideas are what drive me.  

I love hearing your ideas and sharing mine with you, riffing off of each other, and when we combine, we can create something unique and gorgeous.....a piece of art, with you in it! 

After every shoot I'm energized by the images I've taken and I spend hours and hours in Lightroom and Photoshop coaxing out the brilliance of each image, oftentimes while my dinner sits cold and forgotten.  

When I'm not shooting or editing... 

You can find me at the climbing gym falling off whatever 5.11 route I happen to be working on, enjoying a weird sour beer or a crisp dry wine as I decide whether to order a second portion of sweet potato fries, and, occasionally dancing to Robyn somewhere in the gayborhood.

I also build my own computers and am a total gaming nerd. Currently, I'm playing: Into the Breach, Cyber Punk, 7 Days to Die, Skyrim, Banner Saga, Don't Starve, and others.

And, when my motorcycle isn't broken down, I enjoy riding, and you may catch me zipping around town.

Recently an international art festival in Italy showcased my work with LGBTQ couples and I was featured in "Le Monde". Read more about that on the Recognition page.


• FOR CANDID SHOTS (and following all the action) - Nikon 70-200mm f2.8; 28-70mm f2.8; and the new game-changing Tamron 35-150mm 2.0-2.8!

• FOR ARTISTIC SHOTS - Some awesome primes: 85mm 1.8 Nikon; 40mm 2.0, 26mm pancake, and 20mm 1.8 Nikon

• 2 Full Frame professional mirrorless Nikon cameras

• Godox radio controlled flash system, often mounted off camera

• Plus a litany of backup cameras, lenses, and flashes

About Carina 

Head Photographer


Carina's Approach to Photography

(Written by Lindsay)

Carina, not only is an unbelievably talented and skilled photographer, but she's a warm and fun person to be around.

She is always aware of the scene and figuring out the best angles to shoot from. Often, it's difficult to realize that she's there because she is a photography ninja and is able to take beautifully natural candids of people when they're naturally interacting with others.

Carina has also mastered the difficult skill of posing - figuring out how to subtly adjust the body in order to make someone look their absolute best.

Plus, there is no better photographer to capture the details of the day - whether it's wedding rings or table centerpieces - Carina always takes a moment or two appreciating those fine details and takes gorgeous artistic images of them.

Her warm and friendly demeanor puts anyone at ease at once - she's easy to talk to, fun to be around, and you secretly want to be friends with her.   



Carina has a couple of INSTAX cameras (like poloroids but better) and is always thrilled to pop those out during weddings, engagements, or events.  

What's better at the end of a wedding or event than receiving a one-of-a-kind gift - a box full of instax prints throughout the day highlighting the event, you, and everyone having a great time.

Inquire for more details.


Besides Photography.....

(written by Carina)

I'm a bit of a music nerd and worked in radio for several years. Fun fact: I sing in a disco band! Another fun fact: My husband and I got surprise married on the 10th anniversary of the surprise release of Radiohead's In Rainbows album. So yeah. Music nerd.

I love to cook! I get special requests for my homemade pasta and lasagna, cauliflower tacos, deviled eggs, and cole slaw. Lately, I have been perfecting Spanish tortilla and peanut sauce (but not together, ew!)

I love traveling, and I even like the traveling part. Fun fact: My longest bus ride was 20+ hours across Turkey. 


If I can't be someplace far away, I am content to go camping somewhere relatively close. Fun fact: My favorite local-ish spot is Loyalsock.


I'm renovating a house in West Philly. Fun fact: This project will take approximately 25 more years to complete.

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