Engagement Shoots

An engagement shoot is all about you two being yourselves and having fun. A session lasts about an hour (or more if you want!) and can be at any location in the Philadelphia area or beyond.


Fields, parks, rivers, old barns, empty lofts, abandoned buildings, or even alleyways make great backdrops! Pick a location that you think is beautiful or that means something to you. 

Engagement Photography Session


 • Shot at a Philly location of your choice. Here are some scenic spots that work well: West Fairmount Park by the horticultural center, the front/rear of the Art Museum, the new elevated rail park, Bartram's Garden, the cobblestone streets in Olde City, Schuykill River Park, Race St Pier, or any other spot of your choice with wide open spaces. 

• 45-60 mins for an average shoot. Feel free to book more time if you have outfit changes, or would like to shoot in multiple locations. Added time is +$150/half hour.

 • Editing done on all images.

 • Delivery of ALL the full size, full resolution images!!! Yep, all the edited files are given to you to download and to have forever and to use however you wish. Post online, print, use for thank you cards, make canvas prints, etc.

purchased with wedding coverage: $350

independently purchased: $450

(weekends subject to very limited availability)

Engagement Shoot F. A. Q.

Q: What should I wear?

A: First and foremost, wear something you feel comfortable and confident in - it doesn't matter if you're rocking your favorite beat up pair of jeans, a classy dress, or a top hat and monocle, if you're feeling confident in what you're wearing, it shows through and that's half the battle right there. Also, as a general rule, avoid strong, constrasty patterns (bold stripes, zebra, ed hardy shirts with flaming skulls on them.....etc, etc).  


Q: Where should we shoot?

A: Basically anywhere outside with open spaces (fields, parks, alleyways, rivers, etc).  Wineries, parks, and the Philly Art Museum make for classic, romantic images.  Alleyways in Olde City and The Loft district provides some gritty city backdrops (think brick, iron, cobblestone, etc etc). Race St Pier is another good Phildelphia option and has amazing views of the Ben Franklin Bridge while also providing a beautiful river view backdrop too. Also, West Fairmount Park is another great spot (green space, trees, fountains, etc).  


I'm available to shoot outside of Philly, but there may be a travel fee to help get me there.







Q:  What should I expect the shoot to be like?

A: We'll walk around and take photos at any places the look rad, interesting, or would-make-for-good-photos. Occasionally I'll have you guys stop somewhere that has good lighting, and I'll say, "Have yourselves a moment", and that just means tell your partner how awesome they look, hold hands, laugh at the situation, enjoy the view around you, or simply bring your partner in for an embrace. Basically my goal is for you guys to enjoy the sights, the experience, and each other......and to forget that someone is taking your photo.

Q:  I'm not comfortable around a camera....

A: If you're shy around the camera that's actually perfect: just don't look at me. Interact with your partner, ignore me to the best of your ability, and I'm going to get the most amazing candid images of you. From camera shy to modelesque confidence, I've shot all types of people and I always make everyone look fabulous.  





Q: What should I bring?

A: Any props or clothing changes you want. Always bring a gung-ho attitude. Water is helpful.....or even a flask or joint if that helps you relax and have fun. :)


Q: How long will it take?

A: Probably around an hour or so.


Q: What if it rains/blizzards/tornadoes/etc....?

A: I'm always up for an adventure in the rain or snow as long as the situation isn't too water-logged and my cameras will survive. But, if you want to reschedule, that's fine too, just realize my calendar usually doesn't have too many openings.

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