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In July 2022, I was selected to display my images at the international photography festival, Cortona On The Move, in Tuscany Italy. The festival flew me out and put me up so that I could be there in person to present and discuss my work with LGBTQ couples. 

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Above: Paolo Woods, the art director introducing me and my work. (Video by Jaun de la Cruz Megias)


Opening ceremony of the festival


Hobnobbing with artists and festival attendees

Profiled in Le Monde (France) July 20th, 2022

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(English Translation)

The American photographer in the service of LGBT+ love

By Pierangelique Schouler. July 20th, 2022

The clients of Lindsay Ladd, a wedding photographer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, almost all belong to the LGBT+ community. It's her choice. This 39-year-old America meets the requirements of the newlyweds as a professional, but also as a member of the queer community. 

Since the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision of June 26 2015, same-sex marriage has been legalized i n the United States, causing and increase in LGBT+ marriages throughout the country. In Philadelphia too, where their numbers are growing slowly but steadily every year. 

This societal advance could be compromised since the Supreme Court, in June, revoked the right to abortion at the federal level, and one of its members, Justice Clarence Thomas, announced that he intended to "correct" other jurisprudence, such as same-sex marriage, the rights to contraception, and the right to sexual intimacy. Lindsay Ladd, who could not imagine experiencing this in 2022 feels "tremendous sadness" about it.

Wanting to make American society aware of her cause, she takes photos that represent "the celebration of a joyful, free, and open love", she says. It is the relationship of the couple that fascinated her, also the fact of showing that there is no single pattern. 

Although acceptance is more common today, there are still many people in the world who are uncomfortable with the way we show our love. This discomfort can manifest itself in looks, harsh words, negative reactions, even violence. When we flaunt our queerness, we risk being ridiculed, marginalized and hurt. This is especially true for trans people."


Lindsay Ladd, who began her career making artistic photos when she was 20, covers each wedding in a different way. She wants it to be unique, personalized and reflect the personality of each couple. Her style contains a rich palette: candid or posed portraits, relaxed atmosphere or newlyweds dressed to the nines, sessions in the street or under the porch of a castle... She shows hands entwining, knowing smiles, emotional looks, a close-up of the flowers pinned to the lapel of a suit or a dress, or even the radiant faces of the assembly attending the ceremonies.

The American talks a lot with couples. She advises young wedding photographers to foster conversations:


"Acknowledge your ignorance so the couple can tell you what's important to them, but add your enthusiasm so they feel comfortable and know that you're on their side and that you are happy to celebrate them."

Lindsay Ladd photographs about twenty weddings a year, usually only one per weekend. “My goal in life is not to make as much money as possible, but to be happy and fulfilled, and to bring joy to others through my skills."


What if same-sex marriage was no longer allowed?


“I wouldn't change my way of doing things one iota. I helped LGBT+ couples celebrate their weddings before it was legal, and I will continue to rebel if it becomes illegal again. There will be a chilling effect, but I have no doubt that many same-sex couples will continue to marry in defiance." 


She concludes, expressing her determination:


"Conservatives in my country want gays to return dutifully back into the closet. Let them know that the LGBT+ community and I will stand up and shout "fuck no!"

Featured in Il Fotografo (Italy) August Issue, 2022

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Client List
(a select few)

  • City of Philadelphia 

  • Berkshire Hathaway

  • University of Pennsylvania 

  • Bohler Engineering

  • Mazars USA

  • Coldwell Banker

  • New York University

  • Meharry Medical College

  • Interfaith Philadelphia

  • Glatfelter Insurance Group

  • "On Being" w/ Krista Tippett

  • Arco Construction

  • Gillen Company, Design & Consulting

  • City Year Philadelphia

  • Radiance Medical Group

  • Orbiter III Playwright Collective

  • Goose Island Brewery

  • BioLabs

  • Albourne Partners

  • Mainline Fertility 

  • Heart & Paw

  • Blue Elephant Restaurant

  • Uniform Law Commission

  • World Café Live

  • Meile

  • Independent Collection Hotel & Resorts

  • and many more...

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