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Raves & Reviews

Below are some emails received from couples after shooting their engagement or wedding. 

These are unsolicited responses.

"Hi Lindsay, just wanted to follow up to let you know that we are so so so happy with the photos!!! We have enjoyed getting to relive the day through what you captured. Highlights for us include all the shots of us sobbing during the ceremony, capturing the entire moment where Molly realized she'd signed the wrong line in the wedding book, complete with my full body laughter, lovely moments from the toast outside, wonderful reactions of the speeches, and we could go on and on! We really appreciate the way you captured us in candid or semi-candid moments.


Maybe this is a little too much to share, but this photo is my favorite and makes me very emotional when I look at it because you somehow managed to capture the way that Molly looks when I think of her in my head, just glowing in the sunlight. Molly said that she feels like this image somehow already existed, because it so utterly captured us.

We absolutely cannot thank you enough.

~Isabel & Molly


"These are GORGEOUS and so were you to work with on this wild day - thank you to the moon and back Lindsay, for capturing all the love! honestly these photos are BEYOND what we could have dreamed of."

~Alex & Alex


"Hey Ladd!! I’m really looking forward to the incredibly difficult task of somehow picking just a few of your photos to blow up and plaster all over our new home.  


You captured the magic of our day perfectly and I am so grateful we have your photos to review and reminisce any old time we want.


You’re a boss and we appreciate you."

~Marissa & Elicia


"We just want to send a somewhat belated thank you and express our sincere gratitude for your photography at our wedding in October. Multiple people have told us how wonderful the photos are and that you really captured the joy of the day.


We appreciate you so much." 

~Sharon & Josh


"Lindsay! I wanted to thank you again for photographing my wedding. You were awesome and we all loved you!


I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be with us on our wedding day. You will be highly recommended by my family and I….Every one said that the photo of Josh and I doing the high-five was beautiful and looked like something straight out of a bridal magazine!


Someone said “how were you able to jump that high with such a heavy dress?” and I went, “It’s not that I jumped very high, we just had a really great photographer!” 


~Melanie and Josh

"Justin and I just wanted to take time to thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day as special as it was. We received so many complements on how great our photographers were. I know Justin was super grateful for your help and words leading up to the ceremony when things were getting a little crazy.


We couldn’t have asked for a better team in you and Katie. We loved your energy, spontaneity, creativity and just overall caring for us on our special day. You truly went over and beyond the call of duty all day and night. It is impossible to thank you enough. Justin and I really enjoyed having you there as a vendor and as a person."


~Jessie and Justin


"OH MY LANTA!!! You are a goddess!! Thank you so much for being so fucking awesome!! I can't believe how gorgeous these are and what a fantastic job you did!......You are hired forever, wedding, babies, grocery shopping...all big events.


Thank you again for everything. Your work is really amazing and you can be sure I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen." 


~Bethany & Brittany


"I can't tell you how many people have complimented us on choosing you to shoot the wedding. Our guests said they didn't even know you were there and that your shots were fabulous!  Michael Jr saw the one picture of himself and he said, "Really, really!  How did she get that??? We can't thank you enough."


~Paige and Mike


"Lindsay! Holy bananas, these pictures are ~incredible~. Diana and I have been looking at these every day, and we just love the colors, the angles, the moments you captured. Thank you thank you thank you for being there on our special day."

~Hillary & Diana


"Thank you so much for shooting my wedding. It was truly a magical day! Everyone complimented me on my awesome photographer! You made my day that much more special. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!"

~Lindsay and Pierce


"We can't thank you enough!! We LOVED working with you and LOVE your work! We are scheming up other excuses to have you take pictures without planning another wedding lol.


We will absolutely tell everyone we know how amazing our experience was with you (well, continue telling...we have already been raving pretty hard).


So far I'm just loving reliving the night through these pictures. It went by so quickly but these help me savor the details, the moments, the feelings. Thank you.


Excuse me, please, while I go admire all the things <3 <3 <3"

~Amanda & Corinne

"Girl, I was just gonna send you a message. One of the only perks of being at a desk all day is I get to play on Facebook whenever I want, so I saw the album go up right away.


A-ma-zing is all I can say. Jessie and I are thrilled with everything you have delivered. Aside from being super fly to work with, what you were able to capture on film is just… indescribably beautiful."

~Michelle and Jessie


"Lindsay you are absolutely awesome! …I love the pictures so much! I wish I could have you around for every milestone because you truly capture the beauty in what you shoot. Thank you so very much! "


~Leeloni and Carmen

"I just looked through all of the pictures in one sitting, yes, all of them, and I cannot get enough!!!!!! You and Sasha did such an amazing job and I cannot thank you enough!!!! I have so many favorites already I cannot wait until Dennis gets off work so that he can see them all!!!"


~Maria & Dennis


"LINDSAY!! I need a moment I feel like I am going to throw up from the excitement and BEAUTY of these photographs!!!!!!!!!!!   .........I am literally DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE AMAZING."  (from Kristi)


"Our wedding photos are just breathtaking, and you were so much fun.  Never change!  I think I speak for both of us when I say our only qualm was that we didn't have you around longer.  Seriously; even if it was just to hang out and eat!  You rock."  (from Drew)


~Kristi & Drew

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