Wedding Photography Examples

Formal vs. Casual Portraits

The difference between formal and causual portraits isn't in the formality of expression but rather in the set up associated with taking the portraits.  If you wave me over and say "hey, take a photo of me with my so-and-so friend/family memeber", then that's a casual portrait, without any set-up needed.  A quick snap.


A formal portrait involves setting aside a block of time, picking out a good place to shoot, arranging people so they look good (this part takes some time), and possibly setting up/using additional lighting.

Casual Portraits

Formal Portraits

Casual portraits may be taken at any point during the wedding day.


When planning formal portraits (individuals, couple, family, wedding party, etc), budget sufficient time so that I'm not rushed, and neither are you - take that stress out of the wedding day.  Talk to me about how much time to schedule for any formal portraits.

Light Editing vs Retouching /Advanced Editing

Light editing involves all of the 'global edits' that I do to images: lightening / darkening, improving contrast, adding a tint, black and white, fixing the color temperature, etc.  This editing is included when hiring me.

Retouching comprises all the local, intricate edits that would be done to the image such as: removing blemishes or scars, smoothing skin, brightening teeth, brightening eyes, toning down crow's feet, etc.  This is available after the image gallery has been delivered and is available for a per image fee.

This is a great idea for close ups and/or images that you'll plan on printing enlargements or canvas prints from.

Advanced Editing

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Light Editing

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