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Shooting weddings and engagements at Dilworth Plaza in Philadelphia

Now that the construction around Dilworth Plaza (the block surrounding City Hall in Center City Philly) has finished, this area has fast become one of my favorite spots to photograph in the city.

I've always admired the beauty of the building itself:

But now that construction finished earlier this year, a lot has been added/renovated to the Plaza.

From a photography point of view, my favorite new spots are the glass subway entry points (there's two of them on the West Side of City Hall) and they make for great backdrops. There's just something so pleasing in the geometry of the lines, the buildings, and the glass.

(Glass subway entrances, west side of City hall, Dilworth Plaza)

Additionally, when considering photographing portraits at Dilworth Plaza there is also a fountain, a nice tree-lined walkway, and views up and down Market St and Broad St; all of which provide for great backdrops for photography.

(Dilworth Plaza fountain)

Philadelphia City Hall is an impressive building, and is often photographed from afar to capture it's imposing stature. One of my favorite spots to photograph, though, is under the building, looking out and to capture subjects as silhouettes.

(Philadelphia City Hall, looking southward, down Broad St)

(I love the way silhouettes look, especially two-toned. Plus Xinmei's sheer dress is absolutely stunning silhouetted!)

If you have time for some stunning staircase images, enter the building itself (you must sign in at the NE corner entrance and have photo id), then ascend the flights of stairs and pick out the best spot.

(Northeast staircase in Philly City Hall)

It's dark inside the building, so, plan on bringing a tripod or a flash.

Enjoy shooting at Dillworth Plaza!

Cheers, Lindsay

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