A wedding site tells you that you need 10 hours of photography, but you think you only need 6....go with 6!  Society says that you need to have all your wedding party in matching formalwear but really you want to have them dress up as Game of Thrones characters....?  Awesome, I totally want to shoot that!  Or, perhaps you don't want to do any posed photography?  Wonderful, I'll probably give you a discount!  Do what makes you happy

Q: How much photography coverage do I need?


It’s really up to you!  Whatever your wants are and what your budget is, I’ll try and work with you.


Some couples have a small ceremony, and just want a few hours.  Some couples want their whole wedding weekend documented.


If you’re on a budget, something to think about if you choose me or not, is that you can look to cut coverage time from the end of your reception. Unless important events are happening at the end of the reception, couples usually don’t need coverage beyond the cake cutting.  By that time, we’ve had a chance to capture many candid interactions, many dancing photos, and there are only so many photos of reveling guests that you’ll want pictures of.


So, my suggestion would be to put some of that coverage time before the ceremony to give us more of an opportunity to shoot details, or document getting ready or guest interactions.  Or just chop it off and save some money!

I started Ginger Fox Photography in 2010 with my good friend and fellow artist, Katie Reim.  We both come from 2d and 3d art backgrounds and approach our photogrpahy more as art than mere documentation.


While photographing, I’m driven by creativity – mine and that of the people I’m shooting.  After every shoot I’m energized by the images I’ve taken and I spend hours and hours in Lightroom and Photoshop coaxing out the brilliance of each image, oftentimes while my dinner sits cold and forgotten.


I shoot with a full frame Nikon D600 a Nikon D7000, and a Nikon D5100 with an assortment of Nikon lenses: 50mm 1.8 prime lens, 85mm 1.8 prime lens, 24 mm 2.8 prime lens, the Nikon "trinity" (14-24mm 2.8, 28-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8), 105mm Macro 2.8, 10mm fisheye 2.8; and a flash radio system that is often mounted off camera.          

What does easy-going, always-smiling Lindsay like to do besides shooting awesome photography?


1.  Drink beer!  Any and all, good and bad.  A fan of espresso stouts, brown ales, and dry ciders.  Yummmm!

2.  Consume ungodly amounts of netflix.  

3.  Zip around on my motorcycle.  

      I have a 1985 Honda CMX 250:

4. Watch soccer!   Gearing up for

      World Cup 2014!

5.  Eat Thai food.  Truckloads, and

      truckloads of Thai food.

6.  Build things with my hands, like tables, benches, and lamps. I create industrial pieces with salvaged wood beams and steel piping.










7.  I LIVE for traveling and I scrimp and save to bankroll future travel adventures.  I've been lucky to study abroad in Athens, Greece, to live in the highlands of Peru teaching at an orphangae, and to travel most of Europe, Morocco, Egypt, some parts of the Western Carribbean.  Recently I took a rad trip to explore the Western National Parks: Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, Capital Reef, and Mesa Verde!

     Top on my list of future travels are: Vietnam, Indonesia, Iceland, Central America, Patagonia, Bolivia, rural China, Turkey, Georgia (the country), New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and so many more that I haven't named.  Basically, I want to go everywhere.    


What makes Ginger Fox different from other boudoir outlets?  


 - Not only do we have super prime camera skills, but our editing and post production work is unrivaled.  Take a look at the images below and pay attention to the tinting and split-toning (coloring) of the images.  Notice the vibrance, the contrast that makes the images pop, and the poses and angles which make the images interesting.  These are not snapshot images, they're art, with YOU in it!


 - Also, Lindsay provides the option of shooting ON LOCATION (in a field, forest, warehouse, loft, etc) or coming to you!  Do you have a secret place you know about that would be perfect (the privacy of your own room? an old barn? a waterfall at the end of a hike? a hotel room?)  Great!  Let's go there!


 - And, because we're so proud of our end result, we want our images to be shown, viewed and printed as much as possible and not hidden on some hard drive waiting to be purchased.  So we're proud to offer you the digital files, in full resolution format, so you can print as many copies, for whatever purpose, for as long as you want forever.  (Included in cost of on-location shoots, a la carte for in-studio shoots).

Boudoir / Art Photography Session

 - Shot at location of your choice (locations outside of Philly may incur a small travel fee)

 - Editing and post production work done on all images.

 - Multiple outfits or wardrobe changes are encouraged.  Props are always welcome.

 - YOU KEEP ALL the full size, full res images ($400 value)!!!  


In-Studio Boudoir / Art Photography Session

We're excited to finally offer in-studio boudoir/art portrait sessions!  Come to our home/studio in West Philly for the most fun you've ever had taking pictures.   When you arrive we'll have some tea or cocktails and talk about what you'd like in your images; then Lindsay will blow your mind away with what she can capture and how great she'll make you look.


Email to make an appointment or for more information.

$129 - $350

I also have the honor to work with some extremely creative and talented photographers and videographers.


Check them out in all their awesomeness: 


Second photographer & videographer

This is Denise hiking on Pico Du Arieiro.

Congenial, kind, and fun-loving Evan is a super prime photographer and is a master at indoor flash, detail shots, and capturing emotions. 

All the ladies and gents love him to pieces.

Bonus! Evan knows everything beyonce

Denise, aka DCOOK, is a brilliant artist, photographer, and videographer. She has her own company, but graciously shoots for me as well.  That's good because she's also my girlfriend.  

Bonus!  DCOOK is a champion dodgeball player!


Second photographer