Who/What is Ginger Fox Photography?

Hello!  I'm Lindsay Ladd, the owner and creator of Ginger Fox Photography, and I have the honor and pleasure to shoot everything from beautiful gay weddings, to elaborate corporate events, to creative musician portraits, and so much more.

I love what I do and that shows in every interaction and every image that I create.   

Lindsay Ladd Photographer

Why should you hire me? 

I'm easy-going, friendly, and I have a knack for putting you at ease. I know when to be invisible at an event and when to bring you out of your shell when taking portraits. With all my artistry and experience, it's easy to make you look amazing in my images.  

Take a look at my work, and if it speaks to you, then let's chat.

What I'm not:

I'm not a salesperson, pushy, or in your face. If you ask me if you need extra coverage hours or a second photographer for your event, I'm going to tell you honestly, not slant information or opinions in order to garner a larger fee. I don't suggest things you don't need.

I always go above and beyond what's required, even without being asked; and I live for when my clients tell me what an awesome experience it was to work with me and how much they love the images I produced.

What are you about, Lindsay?

I'm a whiskey-drinking, life-loving, motorcycle-riding  photographer who has lived in Philly for the past 10 years.  I started out in film photography, but quickly learned to marvel at the creative potential that the world of digital offers.  

After half a dozen years of creating photographic art in my 20's, I decided to open myself up to being hired for my photographic skills, and I've been so busy that I shoot photography full time now.


It's a dream-come-true for an artistic gal that just wants to create beautiful images all day long.

Want to schedule a shoot?  Questions?  More info?