Hey-oooo!  I'm Lindsay, and I love life.  How much you ask?

Why THIS MUCH, of course!  

Starting out in my 20's as a photographic artist, I approach photography more as art than mere documentation.  For me, it's not enough to merely capture people and events, I must do it in the most gorgeous and creative way possible.  It's the only way I shoot.

While photographing, I'm driven by creativity - mine and that of the people I'm shooting. Collaboration and the mixing and melding of ideas are what drive me.  

I love hearing your ideas and sharing mine with you, riffing off of each other, and when we combine, we can create something unique and gorgeous.....a piece of art, with you in it! 

After every shoot I'm energized by the images I've taken and I spend hours and hours in Lightroom and Photoshop coaxing out the brilliance of each image, oftentimes while my dinner sits cold and forgotten.  


• 2 Full Frame Nikon D610's

• The unrivaled Nikon "Trinity" lenses: 70-200mm f2.8; 28-70mm f2.8; 14-24mm f2.8

• Some awesome primes: 105mm MACRO; 50mm1.4; 85mm 1.8; 20mm 1.8  

• Radio controlled flash system, often mounted off  camera

• Plus a litany of backup cameras, lenses, and flashes

I'm a total nerd and love to play nerdy board games (Carcassone, Dominion, Pandemic, Settlers, etc) and equally nerdy indie computer games.

When my motorcycles aren't broken down, I enjoy riding, and you may catch me zipping to the bar or the climbing gym on one of my motos.

I'm based in Philly, but up for traveling anywhere!  


Destination wedding!?  HELL yes, count me in! 

I LOVE traveling and want to see, experience and eat EVERYTHING!

I smile a lot.  Especially around food!

When I photograph for myself, there's nothing better than being blown away by a beautiful vista, mountains, waterfall, or whatever wonder nature throws in your path.  natural splendor is my favorite photographic subject.

Random Fav's:

Fav Music: Nina Simone, James Brown, 60's Soul, Janelle Monae, Royksopp, Phantogram, Robyn, Lumineers, SOHN,


Fav Place in the world I've visited: Pico Du Arieiro and Fanal; Madeira (images below)

Fav Food: Everything from filet mignot to 89 cent fast food tacos; I adore ALL THE FOOD UNDER THE SUN, although there's a special place in my heart for tapas, street food, and anything on a kabob stick.

Pico Du Arieiro; Madeira

Denise, hiking Pico Du Arieiro; Madeira

Fanal; Madeira

(Some of the trees are over 700 years old)

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